Before registering, please read the terms and conditions below regarding the registration process, refunds as well as other general festival rules.

  • A registration fee (membership fee) is to be paid at the moment of the registration through the system. Your registration is completed and your place at Jam Factory is guaranteed after you have paid the registration fee and the total amount of the package you have chosen;
  • The registration fee to Swing Dream Factory A.S.D. (association organising Jam Factory), beside the money paid for your festival package, is also non-refundable except for in certain circumstances described in the Refund Policy below.
  • For any problem with the payment through the system, contact us;
  • Be aware that minor changes might occur to the lineup of teachers and bands; changes will be made, only because of major problems that may occur to any of the artists scheduled at the moment of your registration;
  • By registering and/or attending the event in any capacity, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our Privacy Policy
  • After your registration is completed, you will receive a link to a form. By registering you agree in filling this form with your personal information (date of birth, place of birth, home address, etc.). The informations required are not decided by Swing Dream Factory a.s.d., but by the National Sport Association (C.S.A.In.) in order to register you and everyone attending the festival and Swing Dream Factory a.s.d. events.


  • Please be aware that there will be no refunds.
  • The only exception: In case of illness before the start of Jam Factory 2023 and upon presentation of a medical certificate, printed and signed by a medical doctor, saying you cannot dance neither attend the event we will open a credit for the 2024 edition.
  • The registration fee (membership fee) won’t be considered part of the credit and it will paid also for the 2024 edition. In case the 2024 edition won’t be organised, Swing Dream Factory a.s.d. will refund the cost of the weekend package you have purchased except for the registration fee (membership fee). The registration fee (membership fee) will be kept under all circumstances.
  • No (partial) refunds can be issued after the start of the festival even in the case of illness.


The followings are general practical rules during the Festival, Jam Factory, organised by Swing Dream Factory A.S.D.
Please read them carefully to understand and ensure a safe environment for everybody:

  • Swing Dream Factory A.S.D., the association organising Jam Factory, reserves the right to ask you to leave camp or refuse admittance to anybody: participant, artist or staff member that doesn’t comply with the points outlined in our Safety and Values page that you will find on our website. If your actions are considered aggressive or affect others in a negative way you will be asked to leave or not accepted at entrance. In this case, there will be no refunds.
  • Swing Dream Factory A.S.D. organising Jam Factory, follows all rules and regulations outlined by the the Italian government.
  • By attending this festival, you agree to the terms and conditions surrounding refunds and registrations outlined above.
  • By registering, working, volunteering or participating in the event, you grant permission for Swing Dream Factory A.S.D. to use photographs and/or videos of you taken at the event in publications, news releases, social media, online and in other communications related to the mission of Swing Dream Factory and Jam Factory.
  • By registering, working, volunteering or participating in the
    event you guarantee that:
    • You are in physical and psychological conditions to
      take a dance classes
    • You are not taking drugs or alcohol of any kind that will
      compromise your capacity to attend a dance class
    • You are healthy and you can attend dance classes
      during the festival Jam Factory
  • Bands and musicians are subject to change.
  • Swing Dream Factory A.S.D. is ultimately not responsible for any incidents, injuries or theft of items and other valuables while at Jam Factory. Please look out for yourself, your belongings and for others.
  • Being respectful and mindful of others around us is always a good and welcome behaviour .